Viaje al centro del Sixties Garage Punk americano

En el estreno de nuestro programa no encontramos una mejor forma de comenzar que viajando a los Estados Unidos, para danzar con el Sixties Garage Punk más excitante… y ¡salvaje!


  1. The Society – You Girl.
  2. Ty Wagner – Slander
  3. The Outcasts – Run Away
  4. Just Two Guys – Eyes
  5. The Exotics – I Was Alone
  6. Larry And The Blue Notes – In & Out
  7. Terry Randall – S.O.S
  8. Bud and Kathy – Hang It Out To Dry
  9. Richard And The Young Lions – You Can Make It
  10. The Heard – Stop It Baby
  11. The Electras – Dirty Ol’ Man
  12. Don And The GoodTimes – You Were Just A Child
  13. The US Four – Alligator
  14. The Preachers – Who Do You Love
  15. The Swinging Machine – Do You Have To ask
  16. The Castaways – Goodbye Babe
  17. Ken And The Fourth Dimension – See if I Care
  18. The Litter – Action Woman 19. The Jackals – Love Times Eight



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